Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Dad

My Dad is an awesome guy!  He is so passionate and always goes for his dreams!  When I was a little one he was a truck driver but he wanted to give his family a better life and went back to school to get into real estate.  I am sure he had many people question, "what are you doing? Are you crazy?  A truck driver can't go into real estate?  Well despite what people might have said or did,  he did took time but man he did not give up and he ROCKED it. 
I am very happy that all his passion and determination has rubbed off on me.  He has shown me that anything is possible and it is never too late to go for your dreams.  He was my inspiration for starting up Cutie Pies.....I thought if I don't do it now when will I do it?  So I am living my dream everyday and I am very greatful that I had the courage to go and do it.
Love you Dad
Rylee and my Dad

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