Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cupcake Kids Bake Sale

There are no words to describe the past two days!  As most of you know Rylee and I have been working with my friend Gillian and her daughters on a bake sale to raise money for the The Cupake Kids which raised money for the children of Africa.  It has been has been at times stressful....... and I have had my moments BUT I must admit I feel so full inside that it brings me to tears when I think about what we did today.......but good tears.....happy tears that Rylee and I have touched someones life in a way that is so powerful beyond belief with the help of our Friends. 

For the bake sale we baked and sold and baked about 1000 Cupcakes with some help from Tabitha of Yum Yum Desserts and Leanne from She Takes The total we raised....drum roll please.......$2,850.00!

This will provide...
1,425 healthy meals
School fees for 407 children for a month
570 new Bibles
380 blankets
Medical care for 475 children
114 new mattresses
25 new beds
6 months salary for in country staff member
And lots of love, hope, and encouragement!!!!

Here are some pictures of our baking yesterday!  I wish I had some from the bake sale but it was way too busy for me to take any pictures:(

Sprinkles gotta love sprinkles

Sitting pretty
HELLO......Yummy or what?

My two mixers were going all day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the famous Cupcake Sugar Cookies that I was up until 1:30am making the night before the sale!

More Sugar Cookies

Did I also mention we ate a lot of Cupcakes!
and we had so much fun doing it!

THANK YOU to everyone who baked, donated product, donated their time and who purchased cupcakes you can sleep well tonight that you have helped make an impact in a small child's life.

But before this blog post ends.....sorry if it is going on and on.....but THANK YOU to Grandma, Brenda and Chris for all your help at Gillian's today!  You ladies rock and we could not have gotten through the day without you!!!!!!!!!!
Nicole & Rylee


  1. Awh, thanks Cutie Pie!! You and your precious daughter are such a blessing! May you be overfilled with blessings for your generosity and kindness!! xo

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you all!! You have been such a blessing to The Cupcake Kids and SixtyFeet. I'm so honored to call you friends/sisters in Christ!

    Big Hugs!