Monday, March 28, 2011

Helping Others......and selling Cupcakes to do it!

The older I get the more and more I realize how important it is to help others and I am very happy to say that my daughter Rylee is the one who encourages me to get involved.  Rylee is the type of child that will loose her mind when she see's litter on the ground.....we can not walk by without picking it up!  She is also very concerned when she sees commercials on tv talking about children in need.  I know she has it in her to change the world heck she might even rule the world one day!  The kid has passion she has spunk there is something really special about her and I am very proud to say she is my daughter. 

The reason why I wanted to talk about all of that is because my friend Gillian from Gigi Photography is hosting a Cupcake sale with her adorable daughters and all the proceeds will go to the The Cupcake Kids.  This foundation helps children in need in Africa.  I am so happy that Gillian opened my eyes to such a great cause!  This will be something that Rylee and I will do every year:)

Now keep scrolling to find out more information on the sale.........and I have posted some pictures of cupcakes to make you drool.....

Now here is what you need to do to place an order!  We DO need you to PRE-ORDER your cupcakes NOW so we can bake enough for all of you amazing poeple who I know will be coming out to help the children of Africa!

You can order:
Vanilla Bean with Vanilla Bean Icing.......This is what Cutie Pies will be baking:)

Old Fashioned Vanilla with pink Icing
Decadent Chocolate with pink icing (if you really want another color, let us know!)
Chocolate with chocolate icing
Orders come in individual cupcakes, 1/2 dozen or a dozen.

Please send your order to

Please write CUPCAKES! in your subject line.
Tell us which flavour you want and how many.
Show up on April 15th at 12 York Street to pick up and pay for your yummy cupcakes!

You can drop in and purchase cupcakes the day off, as well! There are so many other great businesses getting involved so be sure to come down to check it out.


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