Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My darn leg!

So many of you already know I have been stuck in bed with a bad leg!  I finally went to the doctor yesterday and he told me I tore a soft tissue in my leg?  I have no idea how this happened or when it happened but I am in so much bloody pain I wish it would just go away.  I was told to sit back and take it take it easy did this doctor know who he was talking to?  For all of you that know me well I am go go go I don't sit still so it is killing me having to ask my husband to drive me some where, to make me lunch and to help me get in and out of bed.  This is just pure torture!
So because I have been in bed I have been doing a little online shopping.  back in December there was an amazing event in my little town of Orangeville called {Bella Noche} where are the local vendors can display all their amazing products.  One of which I fell in love with was Christine Taylor Designs I bought some super cute stuff for my daughter for Christmas and from there became a fan of hers on facebook.  So I have been searching her fan page while I have been stuck in bed and I have ordered a new camera strap, gadget case and I am in talks with her about designing a tote bag for all my pie boxes......This will make my life so much easier when I am delivering treats.  Now how CUTE will that be!!!!
This is the fabric that I have chosen for my "Pie Tote"  The outside will be the flower pattern and the inside will be the super cute black polka dot fabric
I hope you are all enjoying your Christmas vacation!